Are the vintage toys actually old?

Yes . Well it depends what you call old! 25 years old is classified as vintage . We have always mixed the old with the new so if something is new we will be making that clear . . If you have any questions about any of the vintage toys or collectables we have please do send us an email on lovefromrandom@gmail.com and we can have a chat about it.

When do you get new stuff?

Practically everyday something new is added to the site. We also talk about things that have just arrived on instagram. Keep checking back.

Do you have more things for sale? 

Yes . We have a lot lot more things that are not on the website . We sell vintage toys and collectables in various places and do lots of shows , so sometimes things you are looking for may be in stock. If there is something you are looking for in particular give us a shout or if you collect , we might have it or may be able to get it for you . 

Do you ship outside of the U.K. ?

Yes we do . In the U.K orders are £3.30 . Outside of the U.K price will depend on weight and where you live . Contact us and we will find out exactly how much it would cost . There is a standard £20 charge made on orders outside the u.k as a default , after you have paid we will adjust that for you and refund the difference if it is less. For instance if you order something that is fairly small and is sent signed for and tracked in Europe it will be around £13.00. 

Where are you? 

We work from our office in Bristol. We were on Park street in a shop until march 2017 for 15 years . We often sell at shows and will definitely be letting people know about where we are going to be next on facebook and instagram - lovefromrandom on both 

Do you Buy Things?

Sure we are always happy to talk about buying your collection . 

Can I Pick up?

Yes sure you can by arrangement . We are in central Bristol. U.K. Just off of the M32 so easy to get to. 

Are you on Instagram and Facebook? 

Yes lovefromrandom on both . 

How is the little dachshund Douglas doing ?

Douglas is doing fine . If you were a regular visitor to our shop you will know that our lovely boy has always been a member of staff since he was a puppy and would greet customers and be very happy to receive their adoration . He lost the use of his legs when he was five and now uses a wheelchair. He has lost none of his spirit and is still ruling the roost. You can follow him on Facebook @douglastheshopdog and on instagram under the same name,  obviously he is not technically a shop dog anymore but he is still very much still a member of the team. 

Can I talk to someone about my order? 

of course you can. You can email us at lovefromrandom@gmail.com or give us a ring on 0117 9350832