1960s Marx Toys Collectable Ramp Walkers

We have quite a collection of these 1960s Marx Toys at the moment,

Alice in wonderland ramp walker

A Disney Alice in Wonderland one with the Mad Hatter and White rabbit is definitely one of my favourites . 

We also have two variations of Hap and Hop the little soldier characters that come in various coloured uniforms and variations. 

hap and hopMarx toys hap and hop

Popeye comes pushing a wheelbarrow full of spinach.

One for the Hanna Barbara Finds Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound together.

Figaro the cat Marx ramp walker

We have said this one is Figaro the cat from Pinocchio but I am always happy be corrected. 

 And finally these two have already left the building, but we are always on the look out for more. Top cat and Benny is another one of many that goes great with this collection.  





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