Desperate Dan Pie Eaters Club Membership

The Dandy was the U.K s longest running comic and had been running for 75 years when it produced its last hard copy in 2012. 

One of the main characters , Desperate Dan didn't actually hit the front cover until 1984 before that it was Korky the Cat. He was always very popular though and was known for his love of Cow Pies. 

The Dandy's Fan club was called the Desperate Dan Pie eaters Club.

You could join up by sending a cheque or postal order with your filled in form and you were going to get some goodies. 

pie eaters club items

We have a set for sale at the moment . In remarkably good condition . The membership card has not been removed from the main sheet . It looks like the whole lot have been stored away and never been used. Sadly the stickers have been mislaid so the set is not complete. I have a feeling that we may have been the ones to mislay them , so there is a still chance that they will turn up . If they do we will add them on. 

desperate dan pie eaters club membership

There are the two badges , the membership wallet and the leaflet that has some music building exercises, top secret challenges , pie eaters passwords so that you could have a secret code to greet other members of the club. A letter from Desperate Dan welcoming you to the club and of course your membership card that you could remove from the sheet and put in your wallet. 


  • Is there still a dandy fan club I can join or have you got the website address for this fan club

    Matthew Haines
  • I always wanted to be a member of the Dan club and always wanted a membership pack would really be interested in getting it I live in Ireland

    John phelan

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