My Choice Of Retro Biscuit Tins

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A whole bunch of retro biscuit tins . They are new but licensed with original advertising. So which one to have?


The Rich Tea and Milk Chocolate Digestive tins are cylinders so you can stack the biscuits. I immediately thought I could shove one of these in a corner in my camper van and not take up too much space. Rich tea biscuits were voted Britains favourite Tea dunking biscuit and they seem pretty retro to me , I've not had one for years , so I'm going to go and get some and put them in my retro tin.

I'm also going to have a Club orange tin for my lunch tin, they are a really good size for that . I couldn't stand Club Fruit , so even though I like the colour i'm not going for that . When I say couldn't stand , I would eat one if someone gave it to me. Actually my favourite Club Biscuit was Mint if you are interested, but they don't make a Club Mint tin so there we are. 


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