Spitting Image Political Satire - General Election 2017

In light of an impending General Election, we have been looking through our political collectables. The majority hail from the fabulous 1980s and 1990s Spitting Image T.V show.

They are from a time where political satire was easy. The programme ended in the mid 1990s when politicians on the whole became faceless . We have certainly entered a time where political satire is handed to us on a plate , maybe it is time for a revival of the iconic programme.

I have personally collected all of the spitting image dog toys and have them displayed at home. We do sell them as well, but I always make sure that I have one of each for myself. We have most of them on sale at the moment.

vintage spitting image political dog toys

Mikhail Gorbachev is the rarest of the group. I have always found him to be in good condition. Never been chewed by a dog.

George Bush Sr is pretty hard to find in the U.K. He has Dan Quayle, who was his Vice President in his pocket.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as a pair are the most popular. Story goes they are dressed as the Kray twins and are Maggie and Ronnie. 

Then there is Neil Kinnock dressed as a clown with Roy Hattersley as his red nose and David Owen with a little David Steel in his pocket 

In our personal collection we have the Spitting image characters by Kevin Francis that were modelled by Roger Law. They were produced in a limited edition of around 650. we have Margaret Thatcher , Neil Kinnock and John Major. 

Check out this best ever clips tribute . 



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