Rare Polly Pockets

We have three rare polly pockets in stock this week .

So we have shared them on the website for sale. 

The Fairy Star Watch with its original strap has been waiting fo the right polly to come along and finally she arrived . We took the back off and changed the battery and it works well. So this is a complete and working digital watch.

The Polly Secret Diary is also working but does not come with a doll. We can't actually post this with the batteries in it so have a look at the photos with a battery in you can see the screen working.

Finally the Blossom Brooch does not have its fairy polly doll . We have been waiting a while to find one but decided to let it go without to a discerning collector. The plastic clip on the back has snapped off so if you were thinking of  wearing it you would need to attach a clip. I think if you were intending to wear this you would have needed to do that anyway as the plastic clips are flimsy. Losing this when you were wearing it would be a tragedy. 

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