Shop on Park Street Closure

If you are a regular in our shop on Park Street in Bristol then you will know that we are closing the doors on Saturday  25thMarch. 

There is 30% off in store on everything including all of the already reduced stuff. so if you are local, come , there are some real bargains.

All of the collectables and vintage toys will soon be making their way online and we will continue to add new products everyday to our website over the next few months. 

We have had a physical shop on park street for 16 years now and have watched many of our regulars grow up . We will miss waving and saying good morning to at least half a dozen people every morning on our way in , but we will be looking for a new location soon . We will keep you posted. 



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  • Great to meet you Mitch, in our shop Geek Boutique in not so sunny Bournemouth today. Always nice to meet a fellow collector and dealer… looks like we like the same stuff…..Love the online shop! it is like looking at the contents of my house lol! Good luck with your new venture, i’m sure we’ll bump into each other again!

    geek boutique

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