Today's Rabbit Hole -The Three Cabarellos

pretty much everyday I go down some vintage rabbit hole that stops whatever i'm doing and takes me down a new path. 

today's random rabbit hole started with this ....

Vintage The Three Caballeros Disney Badge Mirror

ah whose on the badge mirror with Donald . 

hang on . the three amigos . GOOGLE it the three cabarellos. 

ah good. So what are their names ? 

ha ha brilliant . 

Panchitos Pistoles a Mexican rooster ,
Jose Carioca a Brazilian Parrot ,
good names .
Also, Panchito's horse is called Señor Martinez. This is good additional useless information and also good detail, do the other two not have horses with equally good names ? It appears not. 
Not the end of the rabbit hole though.. So what about the song ? ah yea . lets have a listen.
then there's this whole thing about Disney "banning" the lyric "Gay Cabarellos"
and changing the line.  It was 1947 so it meant happy and jolly . Just leave it alone for goodness sake. 
So a good hour later I had better list the £3.50 mirror

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