Today's Rabbit Hole - Who Is Ziggy ?

when I picked up this Novelty candle , I knew this little guy but couldn't put my finger on what his name was. 

I google Lensed him and finally found him . Of course , Ziggy. 

so then I regular googled him to find out more.

There is obviously a more famous Ziggy . Lots of pictures of David Bowie . Lots of interesting products to look at but all related to Ziggy Stardust , not my Ziggy.

It didn't take long to find products with him on them though. 

There were all kinds of merchandise of Ziggy to had in the 70s and 80s, but I couldn't find another candle like this one 

He was a comic strip illustrated by Tom Wilson. Apparently he appeared in over 500 different publications.

I'm still not sure which newspaper he may have been published in the U.K. ? DO you Know ?


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