Toys And Treats Evening @ Pearly King Cake

We are collaborating with Pearly King Cake on the Chandos Road in Redland , Bristol to bring a 1980s themed toys and treats event

November 17th between 4 and 7pm at the Pearly King  shop. 

So what can you expect , well from us , there will definitely be some trolls , my little pony , polly pockets , sylvanians and keypers. 

We will also bring all sorts of bits and pieces a few ninja turtles , mighty max and transformers . 

What will Pearly King be offering , well that will be a surprise for us all, but we know for sure that it will be delicious and a treat . There will definitely be an 80s slant I know that much!


We are also going to bring along some new bits that compliment like the unicorn tea lights  that you can buy singly on the day (we normally only sell them in sets) and some unicorn night lights because they will look great lighting up the window in the evening .

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