Vintage Jigsaws

Some Vintage jigsaws are beautiful things.

Sometimes we have a few come along at once and I always feel I need to have a go at doing them.

Firstly because I need to see if they are complete with no pieces missing and secondly because they are beautiful things that can't just be thrown away.

Most of the time they have a few pieces missing so it was unsurprising that the 1938-1939 Snow White jigsaw had one piece missing . 

vintage Snow White 400 piece jigsaw

I photographed it and packed it away.

it has such a lovely box and picture, definitely worth hanging on to .

A couple of days later I found the missing piece in my jacket pocket! what are the chances, it must have fallen in there when I was unpacking , anyway I'm going to have to do the puzzle again now so that I can get a photo of the complete jigsaw. 

Watch this space for the complete Snow White souvenir jigsaw by William Ellis. The 400 piece version was released around 1938 which makes it contemporary to the original release of the film in cinemas in the same year.


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